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Beijing has 'brigade fusion 26'

Date: 2019-12-13

Beijing will stick to the ancient capital of culture, red culture, Beijing flavour culture, innovation culture, four themes build a new formats text brigade fusion new products.

11, the information office of Beijing municipal government, union city tour bureau held a press conference, announced in Beijing issued "about promoting Beijing's opinions on culture and tourism integration development.The "opinions" also known as the "26" brigade fusion, with seven aspects of article 26 moves to Beijing culture and tourism resource advantages into development advantages.Beijing has become the country's first introduced at the provincial level, sex "New Deal" fusion monopolizes the provinces and cities.

In 2019 after the institutional reform of the cultural and tourism integration development."Opinions" clear what "harmony" cultural tourism "for whom" the problem such as "how to be in harmony".On resources supporting system, Beijing will be the key historical and cultural city and resources protection and utilization of system, the construction of cultural tourism city, wisdom to create high-end think-tank and resource trading platform.

On dimensional layout, "opinion" is put forward to build "a city zones mingle area a circle" development pattern, in the upcoming promotes the development of home stay facility for the gripper opinions, promote rural tourism quality upgrade.At the same time the western suburbs of the depth development lines, with dense lines such as cultural resources along the urban rail, in series with the Beijing suburbs famous tourist attractions in circuit design, build more "train" for spring.On public services, the "opinions" put forward public service infrastructure co-construction and sharing and public service, public activities promote 3 big projects, create a harmonious livable, Shared between cultural tourism development of the atmosphere.Has lasted for many years "our festival" series of cultural activities will also attract tourists to participate in actively, make its share of the national people's cultural feast.

In tour product system, Beijing will stick to the ancient capital of culture, red culture, Beijing flavour culture, innovation culture, four themes build a new formats text brigade fusion new products.Focus on cultural relics units creative product development, the economy, "gift" in Beijing at night of upgrading, reshape Beijing core cultural tourism attraction.To "double the city" development as the main body of the Olympic cultural heritage tour style, with emphasis on the studies education tourism, cultural and educational tour, with core business circle landmark of cultural connotation and cultural service consumption mainly introduced the article, and business integration of new formats will stimulate the development of cultural tourism in Beijing new vitality.

In addition, in the aspect of promoting the international influence, Beijing will by expanding foreign exchange comprehensive platform, promote foreign exchange international brands, broadening the channels for foreign exchange level 3 measures and expansion of Beijing cultural tourism circle of friends.On the control of the market, focusing on the people focus on illegal Tours, core area tourism, industry regulatory issues such as order, specific measures, will also be introduced for citizens and tourists more intimate, comfort and peace of mind of cultural tourism environment.In the implementation of security, Beijing will incorporate cultural and tourism integration in the major work, improve the departments, the urban linkage mechanism, increase financial aspects such as land, funds, talents, and the support, improve the statistical monitoring system.