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Brazil: or to some Chinese and Indian tourists visa-free

Date: 2019-07-12

In signing for the United States, Canada, Japan and Australia after the four tourists visa-free statutes, the Brazilian government is studying the visa-free recently expanded to China and India.Brazil's national tourism association (Embratur) chairman within Gilson, Machado, Joe (Gilson Machado Neto) 8, said in an interview, he is working with vijay, Bohr Sonora ROM (Jair Bolsonaro) the President work together to promote the idea.

Brazil site "ne10uol" reported that after the four tourists visa-free, Brazil's foreign visitors increased dramatically."According to the result of the Brazilian Amadeus travel booking search engine to collect, as of December 2019, the United States, Canada, Japan and Australia tourist to travel to Brazil booking volume increased by 128%, 257%, 237% and 125% respectively.This suggests that before we launch the visa-free policy received obvious effect."In the said.

Within said, the government is planning to hold the four countries, China or India or Europe countries visa tourist visa."Holding these visas in general has been reviewed by round, don't we need to review again."He said.

Within that, before the Brazilian didn't grant electronic visas to Chinese tourists, let the number of Chinese tourists to Brazil rising very slowly."China's output of 149 million visitors to the world, but only 50000 people to Brazil.We is the world's most abundant natural resources in the country, but the number of Chinese tourists to Argentina."He said.